Electronic Drum Kit

 Simmons SD Xpress Electronic Drum Kit

Have you heard of electronic drum kit? We have seen various kinds of Electronics Kits, however the kind of kits that we are going to talk about here is slightly different. This is for the music lovers. Especially for the aspiring drummers and the people who love them. This is not just any ordinary drum but a complete set of drums. It provides a full array of professional sounds and features. Electronics has made this possible to redefine and play musical instruments in a new way. This is not limited to playing the musical instruments but also in moving a step ahead in making innovative musical instruments. One such innovative that we would like to mention here is the new Simmons SD Xpress.

Simmons SD Xpress Electronic Drum Kit is a five piece electronic drum kit. It provides a full array of professional sounds and features. With Simmons SD Xpress you have various options to play including silent practice! It comes in a complete easy-to-setup compact kit available at affordable price.

For the beginners it is a perfect drum set to start. It is compact, sensitive and economical electronic kit that’s going to simply blow your mind.

The Simmons SD Xpress Electronic Drum Kit is a great entry point in the world of electronic drumming, especially for those new drummers who want to try this in limited budget. This is definitely not bad if you are using it for your personal practice, hobby drumming and fun at home.

The set comprises of four drum pads, three cymbal pads, built-in hi-hat and kick pedals and a lightweight, portable one-piece aluminum frame. This kit is USB class compliant. With the plug and play feature you need not worry about installing any drivers. If you connect the drum module to a computer, you can trigger software programs or record your performance into a MIDI sequencing application.

The various options available in the Simmons SD Xpress Electronic Drum Kit are :

  • Sounds 193 percussion voices
  • Drum Sets 10 Preset sets, 1 User set
  • Songs 10 Songs

The connections provided are – 9V adapter, head phones, USB (MIDI IN/OUT), bass drum and hi-hat controller. The dimension are 500mm (w) x 370mm (d) x 157mm (h) and Weight 3.3Kg.

The Simmons SD Xpress Electronic Drum Kit comes with a detailed user manual that will provide full instructions to set this kit quickly and easily.

Launched in November 2012, this winning combination of attributes makes the Simmons SD Xpress a smash hit gift idea. Have a look at it as we Experience the wonders of Electronics in Life !

Electronic Drum Kit

Image source – http://www.simmonsdrums.net/


  1. Pattrycia says:

    Review by Joe Corkery for Rating: I am an experienced gtisariut, and I purchased this product as my second step into drumming (my first step was an acoustic snare). I am very happy with the results. The key benefits are:1) The small footprint it will take up minimal space in your practice room2) The sound variety many preset kits and custom sounds3) Built in metronome no need to buy a separate one and amplify it4) Ability to practice quietly with headphones run your MP3 though it and play along.When I first started with garage bands, drumming meant that a lot of space was required and a practicing would be VERY LOUD. That is no longer the case in the electric drum era. I would recommend getting the real Yamaha foot pedals for the kick and high hat sold separately.

  2. Shiori says:

    Review by Srivatsa for Rating: Its been couple of mohtns and I like this drum set. Anyone who wants to try out drumming and not sure if they would continue or not, this is a cheap investment compared to the actual drum set. The built in speakers are so so. U have to invest in a external speaker.

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